Wat heeft de Corona tijd het FamedCoach4SailingTeam...

Terwijl Corona al in Azië rond dwaalde mochten de zeilers van het FamedCoach4SailingTeam nog genieten van het zeilen. Begin februari is het team naar...

We zijn weer aan het trainen en zomerclinics aan het...

Door de versoepeling van de Corona-regels kunnen we weer trainen! Gelukkig!We doen dit volgens de strenge regels van ons Corona-protocol om verdere...


Coach4Sailing is a company for sailors. Han Beverwijk is the headcoach.
We train and coach sailors in national, international, Olympic- and Paralympic Classes.

Coach4Sailing is specialized in training and coaching of sailers during events. We also give lectures and organize workstops.

Coach4Sailing can help you with:
Coaching of sailers, individual trainingprograms, "train-the-trainer-programmas", (help) organizing events and hiring and transport of trainingmeans.

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The training by Coach4Sailing contains always preperation- and evaluation meetings with the aim to explain the target of the training.

Han Beverwijk gives direct feedback to the sailer.
The sailer can use this information immediately.

trailerZweden klein

Coach4Sailing owns
the equipment that can make your training succesfull:

Coachboat RIB, geremde dubbeltrailer, trailer voor 2 zeilboten, boeien, whiteboards, foto en video-camera's, laptop en beamer met projectiescherm.


The autumn camp, in Brouwersdam in October 2019 (the 1st edition). The days began at 8, when we had to do our morning warm-up and exercises with coach Han to train our condition, we came back right after at 8:30 for a delicious breakfast. When we finished, which was around 9, we listened to what Han planned for the

training that day. Within the week of camp, we had different focus points for the day; they varied from training starts, to mark rounding and even heavy-wind training.

The group was full of different people: younger, older, experienced, inexperienced, and as a group, we helped each other out getting ready for the day. When we finished getting ready for the water, we were ready at 10 to start the different exercises. At 1 we came back for some warm lunch to regain energy and by 1.45 we were already back on the water with different activities planned. At 4.30 we came off the water, we packed our boats and changed into our dry clothes. At 5.30 we had dinner, and to still remember what happened on the water, at 6.30 we reviewed our sailing mistakes and exercises, to know what to improve on. We also worked with video footage, to see how we work on the water. We finished at 8, giving us plenty of time to be in bed at 10. The environment is great at camp you come closer to other sailors, you help each other out, improve your sailing skills, and also enjoy the great energy there.

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